I welcome guest posts but your article must meet certain criteria before it will be considered for publication here. So this is what you need to check before you submit:

  1. Your article must be about some aspect of astronomy or space exploration
  2. Your article must provide some useful information to readers
  3. Product reviews may be accepted for publication – contact me first
  4. Your article should be 500+ (preferably 600+) words long
  5. Make sure you know your subject – articles written by people not familiar with the topic are easy to spot and won’t be accepted
  6. No spun content! – Spun articles are also easy to spot and will be rejected out of hand
  7. Your article should be spell-checked before submission. Please run your article through http://www.grammarly.com/ before submitting.
  8. Please read your article before you submit it to ensure it makes sense and to correct any grammatical errors

I won’t edit any articles, so if there are mistakes or any of the above criteria are not met, your article will be instantly rejected.

You may include up to two links on your article or up to three links if you also want to include an author bio with your submission. All links should include the target=”_blank” attribute.

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