Photon Issue 7 is Now Available

As of this issue, there's now a charge for Photon to cover production costs and provide payment for contributors. The rates are: $1.50 (~�1.17/�0.80) per issue or $8.00 (�6.25/~�4.24) for six issues (per year).

Clubs/Societies are asked to pay $30 (~�23.50/�15.90) per issue or $160 (~�125.00/�84.80) for six issues. You can then distribute copies of the ezine to as many members as you like. It will also help sponsor the ezine and provide for larger payments for contributors.

Payment options are provided though PayPal, StormPay, CCNOW and for anyone who prefers not to pay online, there's a check/money order option (select from $, � or � currencies).

Note: Download instructions will be provided once an order is processed through PayPal or StormPay (immediate). CCNOW take longer to process orders so download instructions will be sent by separate email once the order has been processed.

Sample Pages From Issue 7

Single Issue ($1.50):
6 Issues ($8.00)

Single Issue ($35):
6 Issues ($160)

Call for Submissions

I'm looking for submissions for the next and future issues, whatever part of the world you live in. The current issue should give you a flavor for the kind of articles we�re looking for. Tell me about any astronomical trips you�ve been on, whether they�re to local or national Star Parties or vacations based around an astronomical event such as a solar eclipse. Give warts-and-all reviews of equipment you own, from a lowly pair of binoculars, to eyepieces to large expensive telescopes. Let me know what you think of recent books on astronomy or your appraisals of astronomy software, whether they�re freeware, shareware or commercial applications; profile your club or society; tell me about any equipment you've built or modified; tell me about your experiences with astrophotography and send in some of your results. Contributors now get paid!

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