I'm recently back from vacation down in Tenerife:

I didn't get any astronomy done aside from a quick look at the stars on the clear nights. I was too knackered from all the hiking and walking we did each day to do anything in the evenings!

See that mountain in the photo above. That's Mt. Teide, a dormant volcano and the highest point on Tenerife. On the last day, I got the cable-car up the mountain, which stops at the bright area at the right side of the mountain. The rest of the journey to the summit has to be climbed. I've done it before on a previous holiday but this time I felt light-headed and it took me over 30 minutes to make the climb, which is pretty slow. It may have had something to do with the onset of a cold and/or the air pressure at that altitude this time.

It left me with a pounding headache. This time, instead of getting the cable-car down, I climbed/walked down the mountain (there's an approved path). The headache left me about half way down. Guess it had something to do with the altitude.

Somewhere along the way, I slipped on the volcanic pumice that passes for a path and skinned my elbow. It's now septic and being constantly cleaned to kill off the infection. On the flight home, my ears didn't pop when the plane descended for landing (probably die to the cold I caught) so my ears aren't working right. Everything sounds muffled and how loud I hear things depends on what way my head is tilted.

Those two peccadilloes aside, it was a great holiday and the last time I was away was 18 months ago, so it was long overdue.

Night Sky Observer will start getting updates again, now that I'm back. Looking through my email and news sources, I see quite a few astronomy and space related things happened while I was away, so I've a bit of catching up to do...

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