Choosing A Telescope 3

Catadioptric Telescopes Continued...

The Schmidt Cassegrain is the most popular type. The Maksutov is a variation with a differently shaped corrector. The 'Mak' offers excellent image quality - refractor like, although the thick corrector can cause thermal stability problems.

In the past, these have been expensive but now Meade and Russian-built versions have lowered the price greatly.

The catadioptric's drawbacks?…

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Choosing A Telescope 2

Telescope Types:

Achromatic Refractors

Achromatic refractors are those with two lens elements at the front of a tube.

They offer crisp, high contrast views due to their clear aperture; i.e. they have no central obstruction that reduces contrast.

They also have a high transmission of greater than 90%. The light travels down the sealed tube only once so the impact …

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Choosing A Telescope

Although it is possible to have many hours of pleasure observing the night sky using the naked eye or binoculars, at some point in every amateur astronomer's career the decision is made to buy a telescope.

The process of buying a telescope is a difficult one and mistakes can be expensive. Before you reach for your credit card, you really …

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Equipment for the Amateur Astronomer
Beginner's Telescopes

Binoculars and telescopes and other astronomy equipment and accessories are the meat and potatoes of amateur astronomy. A good pair of binoculars is what introduced me to the pleasures of stargazing many moons ago and only after a couple of years scanning the skies did I graduate to a telescope. That was one of the department store 60mm …

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by Magdalena Szczypa

We have all gone through this. You decide to do something with your passion for astronomy and want to buy a telescope, but you have no idea of what equipment is best for you. Often, due to inexperience, you end up buying a telescope too advanced and too expensive to your liking, causing frustration which makes you …

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We inherited our calendar from the Romans (the Greeks and Egyptians had their own, different calendars). [We inherited our base-60 time and measurement systems (minutes, seconds, degrees) from the Babylonians].

Evolution of The Roman Calendar

Prior to 46 B.C. the Roman calendar originally started the year with the Vernal Equinox (the day in Spring when the amount of daylight was …

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Asteroid 30558 Jamesoconnor

By John Flannery, South Dublin Astronomy Society (SDAS)

It is with great pleasure that we can officially tell everyone that another Irish amateur astronomer has been honoured by having an asteroid named after them.

John McConnell, Maire O'Connor, James O'Connor and John O'Neill at the presentation for the naming of asteroid 30558 Jamesoconnor at the IAS/SDAS meeting …

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Stuck for something to watch on TV of an evening? Then why not load up an astronomy or space-exploration themed DVD and enjoy something related to your hobby. This is my list of recommended DVDs and Blu-Ray title that cover astronomy and space related themes. All are in my own collection.

The Universe: Season 1

The sky and outer space

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Only a memory now, but a memory that returns with thoughts of the solar eclipse of coming on July 22, 2009 and the eclipse back on December 4th, 2002. By amazing coincidence that latter Christmas eclipse crossed a similar path over Africa to the eclipse in the summer of 2001. The weather prospects however were not so good there, as …

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By now you've probably heard the announcements about Google Sky - the new module in Google Earth. If not, the videos below will bring you up to speed.

It's certainly a step in the right direction and I applaud anything that brings astronomy and an awareness of the night sky to a wider audience. But what's presented falls short of …

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