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ESA’s Space Situational Awareness programme is taking centre stage during the ninth European Space Weather Week, with experts showcasing a recently opened space weather service centre and highlighting European space weather research and development. As part of ESA’s SSA Preparatory Programme, the Space Weather (SWE) Segment focuses on services for owners/operators of satellites in space…

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Alien Matter Detected in the Solar System

Researchers announced the finding at a press conference on Jan. 31, 2012. It’s based on data from NASA’s IBEX spacecraft, which is able to sample material flowing into the solar system from interstellar space.

Thunderstorms Create Anti-Matter Jets

Scientists using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have detected beams of antimatter produced above thunderstorms on Earth, a phenomenon never seen before. Scientists think the antimatter particles were formed inside thunderstorms in a terrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF) associated with lightning. It is estimated that about 500 TGFs occur daily worldwide, but most go undetected. “These…

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A Rival to “Clear Sky Clock”?

North American observers have had the use of the Clear Sky Clock to provide predictions of local weather in order to plan observing sessions. While it’s a great service, those who live elsewhere have not had a similar service available to them. Now they have. While 7Timer has been around since 2008, I’ve only just…

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The International Space Weather Initiative

Prompted by a recent increase in solar activity, more than a hundred researchers and government officials are converging on Helwan, Egypt, to discuss a matter of global importance: storms from the sun. The “First Workshop of the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI)” meets Nov. 6th through 10th and is convened by the United Nations, the…

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The Hazards of Severe Space Weather

A NASA-funded study describes how extreme solar eruptions could have severe consequences for communications, power grids and other technology on Earth. The National Academy of Sciences in Washington conducted the study. The resulting report provides some of the first clear economic data that effectively quantifies today’s risk of extreme conditions in space driven by magnetic…

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Strange Space Weather

Something strange is happening in the atmosphere above Africa and researchers have converged on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to discuss the phenomenon. The Africa Space Weather Workshop kicked off Nov. 12th with nearly 100 scientists and students in attendance. The strange phenomenon that brings all these people together is the ion plume—"a newly discovered form of…

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The Aurora

The Aurora (also known as the Northern Lights, aurora borealis or auror australis) is a luminous glow of the upper atmosphere which is caused by energetic particles that enter the atmosphere from above, primarily from the solar wind. These energetic particles are mostly electrons, but protons also make aurora. The electrons travel along magnetic field…

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Astronomy Weather

The weather plays a huge role in amateur astronomy, principally by preventing observation of the night sky! Some are blessed with plenty of clear skies throughout the year. Others are not so fortunate. This page provides weather information (including severe weather warnings) from around the world along with space weather information and how the Sun…

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