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NASA EDGE: ICESat-2 Tower Rollback

1 Oct 2018 at 11:38am
NASA EDGE provided live coverage of the scheduled tower rollback for United Launch Alliance’s final Delta II rocket carrying the ICESat-2 spacecraft. Read more...

NASA EDGE: Parker Solar Probe Tower Rollback

28 Aug 2018 at 7:55am
NASA EDGE provided live coverage of the scheduled tower rollback for the Delta IV Heavy carrying the Parker Solar Probe just prior to launch from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida. Read more...

NASA EDGE: Dragonfly Program Manager

12 Jul 2018 at 10:15am
NASA EDGE interviews Dragonfly Program Manager Jennifer Dawson about the latest developments in robotic assembly in space, and how having this flexibility allows NASA and its partners to think differently about building and operating structures in space. Read more...

NASA EDGE: Archinaut Project Manager

12 Jul 2018 at 8:47am
NASA EDGE visits Made in Space at NASA Ames Research Center to learn about Archinaut, a suite of capabilities for space manufacturing, robotic assembly, and verification and validation. Read more...

NASA EDGE: CIRAS Lead Systems Engineer

11 Jul 2018 at 11:05am
NASA EDGE visits Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman) to interview Lead Systems Engineer Dave Bodkin about the tools being developed for Commercial Infrastructure for Robotic Assembly and Services (CIRAS) and how these tools will potentially be used for missions in space. Read more...

NASA EDGE: Countdown to ICON/Pegasus Ferry Flight

21 Jun 2018 at 5:04pm
NASA EDGE webcasts live from the Hot Pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base as the Orbital ATK Stargazer prepares to transport the Pegasus Rocket carrying the Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) to its eventual launch destination, the Kwajalein Atoll. Read more...

NASA EDGE: MarCO Chief Engineer

23 May 2018 at 2:59pm
NASA EDGE talks with Chief Engineer Andy Klesh about NASA's Mars Cubesat One A & B (MarCO), the first cubesat mission to the Red Planet. Read more...

NASA EDGE: Mars InSight Rollback with MarCO

17 May 2018 at 7:11am
NASA EDGE provides live coverage of tower rollback in preparation for NASA’s first launch to Mars from the West Coast. Read more...

NASA EDGE: Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

6 May 2018 at 2:39pm
NASA EDGE takes an in-depth look at the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Mission just hours before launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Discover how NASA and its partners from MIT developed sophisticated cameras to capture a full sky survey of the most likely Earth-like plan... Read more...

NASA EDGE: Low-Boom Flight Demonstration

3 Apr 2018 at 9:34am
NASA EDGE is joined in studio by David Richwine, Deputy Project Manager for Technology for the Low-Boom Flight Demonstration to discuss NASA's current effort to develop ground breaking aircraft design and promote regulatory change for commercial supersonic flight over land. Read more...