By Tim Carr

Even those people who know nothing about astronomy (and there are plenty of them, it would appear) have heard of Galileo and how he changed our view of
the heavens.

They've probably heard of Copernicus, Newton and his apple and maybe even Kepler, the codifier of the laws of planetary motion. But just how many of them are familiar with names like Ulugh-Beg, Nicholas of Cusa, Olbers, Lemaitre and so many others who made astronomy what it is today? Not too many is the answer.

Of course we live in an age when it is actually considered seriously un-cool to know a lot about the heavens, or any science for that
matter. But if you're reading this then, like me, you're one of those people who actually enjoys learning. These articles tell the story of some of those people
who may not be household names but still made a contribution to our knowledge of the stars. I hope you enjoy them.

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