The weather plays a huge role in amateur astronomy, principally by preventing observation of the night sky! Some are blessed with plenty of clear skies throughout the year. Others are not so fortunate.

This page provides weather information (including severe weather warnings) from around the world along with space weather information and how the Sun looks today and aurora predictions.

Space Weather - Solar Wind
ACE Real-Time Solar Wind Pages

Magnetic Field & Solar Wind Electron Proton Alpha Monitor (SWEPAM)

Space Weather Enthusiasts page


RSS & XML Weather Feeds From Around The World

RSS Weather
Weather feeds from around the world available at this one site.

U.S. National Weather Service
This page provides access to NWS watches, warnings and advisors, listed by state in three different formats. Select a state name to view a list of active alerts in your web browser. These files are updated about every two minutes.

Weather Feed FAQ
Everything you wanted to know about weather feeds and how to use them.

World Weather
This is an alpha release - no guarantees it will work at all. Also, it's a screenscraper, so if worldweather change their html, it will break. Horribly.


Weather Maps and Satellite Images

Satellite weather map of the U.S.
Temperature weather map of the U.S. Click for more detail.

Satellite weather map of Europe
Temperature weather map of Europe. Click for more detail.

Forecast weather map for the U.S.
Today's weather forecast map of the U.S. Click for more detail.

Forecast weather map of Europe
Today's weather forecast map for Europe. Click for more detail.

Infra red map of Northern America

Infra red map of Northern Europe

Mercator-projection image of Europe
A colour-coded image of Europe which is updated every 6 hours (at 0, 6, 12 and 18h U.T.) Satellite Maps of other countries are available from the menu on this page.

European Weather Forecast
Today's European weather forecast (from CNN).

North American satellite imagery from the GOES satellites
Today's American weather forecast (from CNN).

Other Areas Of The World:
Click on the above Temperature or Forecast maps to see options for your region


General Weather Sites
BBC Weather (World) The Weather Underground
MetCheck Intellicast Weather (World)


Add Weather Stickers To Your Website

Clear Sky Clock
These clocks show at a glance when, in the next 48 hours, you might expect clear and dark skies for one of many observing sites. It is specifically intended for amateur astronomers. The forecast data comes from a numerical weather model run by those very cool guys at the Canadian Meteorological Centre.

Find the Weather for any City, State or ZIP Code, or Airport Code or Country. Choose from one of three styles to present the information (e.g. as opposite).

Weather Underground
Find the Weather for any City, State or ZIP Code, or Airport Code or Country - no longer online
Weatherroom has created a number of resources for you to add weather information and capabilities to your own web site. You can add a forecast box, a weather search box, or a direct link to forecast information.
Provide two weather applets that you can customise for your location.


The Sun Today - Sun April, 2018
Click images for larger views of the Sun

Today's Space Weather
H-Alpha solar images, geophysical forecasts and various other solar and space weather data.

Sunspot Cycle Predictions
The latest sunspot predictions from NASA.

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
The latest results and images from the SOHO spacecraft.

The very latest SOHO Solar images.


Aurora Predictions

Aurora Borealis Forecast
Aurora forecasts for various regions of the world.

European Aurora Forcast
Aurora forecast specifically for Europeans.

Worldwide Aurora Forecast
The forecast map will show the approximate Universal Time (UT) of greatest activity for your longitude.

Aurora Monitor
Real-time notification of activity & updates of conditions during significant solar, geophysical and auroral activity events.


Space Weather
Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment

Latest Space Weather
The Space Environment Center provides space weather alerts and warnings for disturbances.
Provides a wealth of information about sunspots, including current sunspot number, and how they affect Earth

Space Weather Videos:

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Space Weather News:

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