This screen (introduced in Version 2) allows you to enter the details of your telescope(s) and eyepieces. It is called from the Reports menu on the Lunar Explorer screen.

Enter the name of your telescope, its focal length, an eyepiece description, its focal length and the apparent field of view of the

eyepiece and the actual field of view (in minutes) and the power of the eyepiece in the telescope will be calculated. Click the Add to add that telescope/eyepiece combination to LunarPhase Pro's database.

As you add telescopes and eyepieces, they will be available for selection from the two dropdown lists. As you add more equipment, it will be easier to associate different eyepieces with different telescopes and add those combinations to the database. All combinations are listed in the main pane on this screen.

To edit a telescope/eyepiece combination, double-click on it in the main list. The details will be copied into the edit fields at the top of the screen where you can make any changes required. When you're finished, click the Update button to save the changes.

To delete a telescope/eyepiece combination, double-click on the required one. Again, the details will be copied into the edit fields. Just click the Delete button to delete the combination.

Once you've entered some telescope/eyepiece combinations, you can use them on the Lunar Explorer to emulate the view of the Moon through that combination of equipment.

Right-click on the map to call up the popup menu. Two options will always appear in the menu: Center and Measure Distance. Below these, the various eyepieces will be listed under the Eyepieces heading. The No Eyepiece - Standard Map View option will return take the Lunar Explorer view out of eyepiece mode. It's similar in function to the Standard View icon on the Lunar Explorer toolbar.

The other items listed on the menu depend on what combinations you entered onto the Telescope/Eyepiece Combinations screen.

To emulate the view as seen through the required telescope/eyepiece combination, simply select it from the menu and click it. Below are three sample eyepiece views. In the first two images, the background sky is seen around the moon (the colour of this can be changed on the Configuration screen.