The second toolbar icon to the right of the Lunar Explorer window title prints out the map currently in the main moon display pane.

If the longitude and latitude grid is turned on, then the grid will also be included on the printout.

The best quality maps will be produced when the the highest resolution has been selected on the Configuration screen and the mercator map projection is used. The Orthographic projection maps will print out but will be at a lower resolution than the equivalent mercator projection maps.

The image below was scanned from a laser printer printout using a flatbed scanner. Click on the image to see a more detailed view of what printouts look like.

The icon to the right of the window title lets you toggle the operation of the right-hand mouse button between centering the map on the feature under the mouse cursor when clicked and measuring distances on the map.

The measuring tool lets you determine distances between lunar features or to measure the size of a particular feature.

Right-clicking on a feature in any of the dropdown lists will take you to a webpage at the Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon website which will provide more information on the feature and (usually) one or more photos of that feature.