To the left of the window's title are two extra toolbar icons. The leftmost will toggle an overlay longitude and latitude grid on and off. The grid will appear on both the Orthographic (3D globe) projection and mercator (2D flat) projection maps. The lines are 10 apart and are labeled along the central vertical and horizontal axes.

The second toolbar icon to the right of the window title prints out the map currently in the main moon display pane. If the longitude and latitude grid is turned on, then the grid will also be included on the printout.

The best quality maps will be produced when the the highest resolution has been selected on the Configuration screen and the mercator map projection is used. The Orthographic projection maps will print out but will be at a lower resolution than the equivalent mercator projection maps.

The second icon lets you switch between optical views. When the Lunar Explorer screen is called, it displays the moon in the default optical configuration as specified on the Configuration screen. The icon can still be clicked, though, to change the view to suit your needs by cycling through the optical configurations available.

The third icon allows you to switch between views of the moon's Near side (the side we see) and the moon's Far side (the side we never get to see). If the 3D view is enabled, then the moon's phase on the far side will also be shown. Libration is also catered for in the 3D far side view. Feature identification (by clicking on a feature on either map view) will also work on far-side features. Far-side features selected from one of the feature lists in the third pane will also be highlighted in the selected identification colour on the far-side map.

The fourth icon allows you to toggle the lunar terminator on or off.

The fifth icon calls up the Lunar Libration screen.

The sixth icon allows you to animate the lunar libration over the course of the selected month, showing just how much the moon wobbles over the course of time. Calculations are performed for every third hour, starting at