Lunar feature labels are only available in the 3D (globe) map mode.

In this mode, the leftmost icon to the right of the
Lunar Explorer window title is used call up the Map Label Setup Screen and to turn the map labels on and off.

When LunarPhase Pro is first installed, it sets up lunar labels with default settings. The font is 16pt Arial Regular; all features are set to have their labels displayed and all labels are printed in the same colour.

To turn labels on, click the () icon with the left mouse button. The speed with which they appear depends on the number of labels that are being displayed and the speed of your PC. On older machines, label display will be a little slower.

To turn off labels, left-click the () icon again. Left-clicking this icon toggles labels on/off.

Labels can be displayed on both the Near and Far-Side map views. If labels are turned on and you zoom into the map, when you let go of the zoom slider, new labels will appear for features that are now larger than the Minimum Feature Size in Pixels (see below). You can modify this threshold value to prevent label clutter on the maps.


To call up the Feature Label Setup screen, right-click on the () icon. This popup screen has three sections: