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The heading (on startup it’s “Terminator Features”) for the third pane is, in fact, a drop down menu. Click on the down arrow to call up the list of options available. These are lunar features broken down into 20 distinct feature types, such as Craters, Mare, etc.

As with the Terminator Features, clicking any of the features in the list highlights that feature in yellow on the lunar map.

NOTE: The feature you select on the list will be highlighted by being shown with a Navy background colour. This prevents you losing track of which line of data you're looking at when scrolling left and right on the features list window.

When you move the mouse cursor over the moon map, it changes to a cross-hairs in a circle. As you move the cursor, the second pane displays the location of the cursor in latitude and longitude (on the moon). Move the cursor over a feature and click the left mouse button. If the feature is in the database, information about it will be displayed in the third pane (replacing any list that was already there).

In addition, the times of sunrise and sunset at that feature are also displayed.

The full list of feature types is: Terminator, Albedo, Catena, Craters, Domes, Dorsum, Fossa, Lacus, Landing Sites, Lunar 100, Lunar Probes, Mare, Mons, Oceanus, Palus, Planitia, Promontorium, Rima, Rupes, Sinus, Vallis.

Besides identifying features from a list, LunarPhase Pro allows you to identify features by clicking on them on the lunar map.

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