9,264 features are provided in the database, broken down into the following 20 types of features, which are selected from the dropdown list:

Albedo, Catena, Craters, Domes, Dorsum, Fossa, Lacus, Landing Sites, Lunar 100, Lunar Probes, Mare, Mons, Oceanus, Palus, Planitia, Promontorium, Rima, Rupes, Sinus and Vallis.

All the features included have been taken from the United States Geological Survey (except for Domes whose positions were determined by lunar observers and the Lunar 100 which was compiled by Charles Wood for Sky & Telescope). It is the complete list as provided by the USGS, and includes features that are on the moon's far side. Any feature with a longitude greater than 90 East or 90 West is a far-side feature.

The data provided includes the feature name, its lunar Latitude and Longitude (near-side and far-side features), its diameter (in kilometres) and comments about the feature - typically who it's named after and a little bit about the person. The screen can be scrolled right and left to read long comments that don't fit within the screen border.

Please Note: Right-clicking on a feature listed on the screen will take you to a webpage at the Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon website which will provide more information on the feature and (usually) one or more photos of that feature.