LunarPhase Pro can calculate the dates of Lunar Eclipses between two (inclusive) years. This window is displayed when the Find Lunar Eclipses option is selected from the Reports menu ( icon).

The window allows you to specify a range of years over which to perform the calculations. Both years default to the current year when the window is activated. The
Calculate button must be clicked to start off the calculations.

The resulting display provides three pieces of information for each eclipse listed - the type of eclipse (total, partial, penumbral); the date of the eclipse (including the local time, not Universal Time, at which the eclipse reaches maximum); and whether or not the eclipse is visible from your location.

The scroll bar at the side of the display can be used to scroll up and down through the list.

Double clicking any listed eclipse will call up the Eclipse Details window which will list all details for the selected eclipse. The time and date on the main LunarPhase Pro window will also be set to the (maximum) time and date of the selected eclipse.