You can set the colour of the outline used to identify features on the Lunar Explorer screen (the default is Yellow). Simply click on the colour square to call up the Colour Picker tool and select the colour you'd like to use.

The last setting specifies the default optical configuration LunarPhase Pro uses when it starts up. This affects both the main window and the Lunar Explorer window. The default configuration can be changed by clicking the icon to cycle through the available options (the default is Binoculars until you change it).


LunarPhase Pro can display graphics in three resolutions (low, medium and high) and the Configuration screen lets you define which resolution best suits your system.

Low Resolution: Maps are 512 by 512 pixels in 256 colours

Medium Resolution: Maps are 1024 by 1024 pixels in 256 colours

High Resolution: Maps are 2048 by 2048 pixels in 256 colours

Current PCs should have no problem running LunarPhase Pro at the highest resolution. Older PCs might need to use the medium or low resolution mode as the high resolution maps use a fair amount of resources. When LunarPhase Pro starts for the first time, it defaults to using the lowest resolution graphics. Change this to suit your own system.

Note: Windows 98 does not appear to be able to display maps in the highest resolution, even on well specified PCs with lots of RAM. This problem appears to be a memory management problem specifically related to Win98. Later versions of the Windows operating system do not exhibit this issue and maps can be displayed in the highest resolution with these.

Also on this screen is an option to set the type of printer you have (Laser, B&W Inkjet or Colour Inkjet). This setting has nothing to do with the settings specified for your individual printer. Based on your choice here, LunarPhase Pro merely uses different colour or grey shade selections to achieve the best possible printout (shades of grey aren't nearly as appealing as colour on a colour printer).

A new option has been introduced which allows the user to set the background colour on 3D map printouts to black (default) or white (to save on ink / toner).

Exit the screen by clicking the Exit icon. It is at this point that any changes you have made are committed. (Currently, there is no way of simply escaping from the screen).